The best for people and the environment

Certifications provide security

Quality assurance, sustainability and the environment are important to us. We regularly perform internal and external checks in order to be able to work in the interest
of the environment, quality and process security. Certifications help us take all aspects into consideration and allow us to pay closer attention to the relevant areas.

The Austrian eco-label
We are committed to sustainability on all levels, for the benefit of people and the environment!
As a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers our purchasing policy promotes regional and seasonal produce, the economical use of resources and
avoiding waste as much as possible. We regard environmental policy as an important management task, which we perform with responsibility.
Treating each other with respect is an important part of our company philosophy. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and we ensure that our staff are treated fairly and equally.
We know that we can only act sustainably in all areas of our business as part of a team. We regularly discuss, inform and train on all levels to continuously improve
our environmental protection measures and to maintain our Austrian eco-label certification for tourism companies.
The certificate

Energy management: ISO 50001
The ISO 50001 standard ensures that the energy management system of a company meets modern requirements. Careful energy management is particularly
important to us. Our energy management system helps us to sustainably reduce energy consumption – through continuous energy savings, renewable
energy sources, using energy sensibly and through training and raising energy awareness amongst our staff.
This benefits the environment and saves costs.

Quality management system: ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 standard is the most important quality management standard, both nationally and internationally.  
The process-oriented quality management system subjects all key operational processes to rigorous scrutiny.
We continually optimise our services and the transparency of our processes and minimise errors.

Food safety: ISO 22000
The international standard ISO 22000 is a global food safety management system standard.
A lack of hygiene and its negative impact on food safety can lead to life-threatening diseases. Furthermore, spoiled food and damage during storage cause unimaginable losses.
For this reason, the ISO Standard EN ISO 22000 (“food safety management system, requirements for organisations throughout the food chain”) specifies requirements for a food safety
management system to ensure products are safe at the time of consumption and to enhance customer satisfaction.

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